You’re ready to leave on vacation and you’ve thought of everything. The car has been serviced, the newspaper stopped and the mail held at the post office. All that’s left is to activate the security system and you’re on your way.

That’s everything. Well, almost everything.

Your house may now be secure from break-ins, but what about fire, the potential danger within? You may already have battery or AC powered smoke detectors, but who would hear them if you’re not there? If they are not connected to your security system and are not monitored, who would call the fire department before everything you cherish is destroyed?

Fire can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime. A burglar won’t steal your family photo albums, but a fire will. Jewellery can be replaced, but baby pictures can’t. Even though you have a monitored security system, without monitored smoke detectors, your home will never be secure against one of the most dangerous intruders. Now, you can have the complete protection you need with a series of smoke detectors that can be monitored and easily integrated into most new or existing Honeywell security systems. The same system that guards your home’s security will guard your home against fire. Turn your security system into one that not only monitors against intruders that can be frightened away, but also one that can’t—fire.

Monitored smoke detectors can protect you:

• While you’re at work or at school

• While you’re out for the evening

• When teenagers are home alone

• In homes where there are elderly, disabled or hearing impaired

• If you are overcome by fumes from a smoldering fire

• If you are unable to reach the phone for any reason

• 24 hours a day, whether your system is armed or disarmed, whether you’re home or away


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